Developing Strengths-Based Managers

Strengths-Based Managers:

  • Apply their unique talents and strengths within the context of their own role.

  • Encourage and equip their direct reports to develop and do what they do best in their roles.

  • Orchestrate their direct reports’ collective talents and strengths toward their group’s common goals, objectives, and tasks.

  • Create and sustain a strengths-based work environment.

Martha Buelt offers custom coaching and training for managers who want to become strengths-based managers. Strengths-based manager’s coaching and training include:

  1. Strengths Education Fundamentals: The manager learns about and engages in individual strengths-based talent development - a prerequisite for strengths-based managing.

  2. Managing Strengths-Based Employees: The manager’s ability of leading, managing, and developing their direct reports is enhanced by learning how to intentionally apply their own unique talents and strengths in their managerial role.

  3. Strengths-Based Team Development: The manager learns about and practices orchestrating and applying the collective talents and strengths of their direct reports toward their group’s common tasks, challenges, and goals.

  4. Sustaining a Strengths-Based Work Culture: The manager is equipped to develop and execute an action plan for creating and sustaining a long-term, strengths-based work environment.

Strengths-Based Managers Format and rates        

Developing Strengths-Based Managers delivery format and rates are customized for the client. Please Contact Martha to learn more about Developing Strengths-Based Managers.