Strengths Development

Strengths Start with Talents



What are talents?  Your talents are the ways that you naturally think, feel, and behave - you are born with talents.  Your greatest talents are the foundation for developing your strengths. 

What is a strength?  Gallup, Inc. Strengths Philosophy defines a strength as “the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity.”  When you want to do something really well, develop and use your strengths!

How can I develop and use my strengths?  Strength starts with talent.  Becoming aware of your talents, naming your talents, and seeing how your talents work in your life are the first steps of developing and using your strengths.  Once you name and claim your talents, the next step is to intentionally invest in your talents to develop strengths.  As you practice and use your talents and strengths, you will further develop your strengths.

How can I learn how to name my talents and develop and use my strengths? The CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder®) assessment gives people a starting place in which to name their talents and begin the strengths development process.  After you complete CliftonStrengths, you will receive your top five Talent Themes - Your Clifton™ Signature Themes.  A Strengths Coach can walk with you in the process of understanding your top five Talent Themes and help you develop and learn how to intentionally use your talents and strengths. 

Is Strengths Coaching just for individuals?   Strengths coaches work with individuals, managers, teams, groups, and organizations.   Strengths philosophy starts with "me" and moves to "we."  When you know your talents and strengths, a next best step is tell others about your talents and strengths and learn from others about their talents and strengths.  Then as you work together toward common goals, you can maximize your own and the collective strengths of your partnerships and team toward specific tasks, challenges, situations, and goals.  


Strengths content above is based on Gallup Strengths Philosophy. Gallup CliftonStrengths® and CliftonStrengths® Themes are registered marks of Gallup, Inc.