Strengths-Based Team Development Packages

Strengths-based team members value each other’s talents/strengths and leverage their team’s collective strengths toward completing their team tasks, addressing their team challenges, and successfully achieving their team’s performance goals.

Strengths-Based Team Conversations

Martha offers four independent, sequential Strengths-Based Team Conversations* for developing strengths-based teams: 

  1. Strengths-Based Talent Development Foundation (5 Hours - delivered in two sessions)

  2. Strengths-Based Complementary Partnerships and Teams (2 Hours)

  3. The Collective Strengths of the Team (2 Hours)

  4. Application of the Team’s Collective Strengths (2 Hours)

Each team conversation builds upon a previous team conversation.  The first conversation gives team members an individual strengths development foundation required for strengths-based team conversations. The second conversation gives the team a strengths-based team foundation, which equips the team to engage in the third conversation, identifying the team’s specific and collective strengths.  Once the team has a good understanding of strengths development and their specific team strengths, the team can then engage in the fourth conversation, applying the team’s collective strengths toward the team’s tasks, challenges, and goals.

Teams receive development benefits from each of the team conversations; however, engaging in all four conversations more fully equips the team to become a strengths-based team.


Team Conversation Session Rates

Conversation One (5 hrs)    $600

Conversation Two (2 hrs)     $200                               

Conversation Three (2 hrs)   $200

Conversation Four (2 hrs)     $200                             

Team Conversation Session Rates include contact hours (as indicated), preparation, and participant materials for up to 12 Team Members.  Please contact Martha for rates for larger teams.  Rates do not include CliftonStrengths® codes. (Each participant will need to take the CliftonStrengths® assessment before attending the sessions.)  In some cases, travel costs are additional to session rates.


Team Development Optional Add-Ons

      CliftonStrengths® Assessment Codes

      Individual Coaching


Please Contact Martha to schedule your team's Strengths-Based Team Development session(s).   


*The Four Major Team Conversations format is from Gallup Inc.’s Strengths Base Coaching Conversations with Teams.