Strengths-Based Talent Development

What are Strengths?

Your strengths are your specific abilities, which equip you to consistently do certain things well.  Your strengths help you to make solid decisions, positively influence others, get things done, and build healthy, collaborative relationships.


Strengths Start with Talents

“Human talent may be one of the most sustainable, renewable forms of natural energy.”   ~Curt Liesveld

Throughout your lifetime, you have developed your strengths by investing in your talents – the ways you naturally think, feel, and behave.  Sometimes you have been intentional about developing your strengths and sometimes you have developed your strengths without even thinking about it.  It is also very likely that you have talents that are still “untapped” – talents with potential just ready to be invested in for developing more strengths.  




Your Strengths are your abilities to do things well.

Develop & Use Your Strengths!


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Your Talents are your potential for Strengths.

Invest in Your Talents!


What is Strengths-Based Talent Development?

The Strengths-Based Talent Development approach uses the CliftonStrengths® assessment tool to help people articulate their specific, unique talents.  Once people can articulate their talents, they are better equipped to articulate their current strengths and be deliberate about investing in their talents to develop more strengths.  When people know what their strengths are, they can be more intentional about using their strengths.  That’s what strengths-based talent development is all about – uncovering talent potential, investing in talents, developing strengths, and leveraging strengths toward tasks, challenges, and goals.


What happens when teams engage in strengths-based talent development?

As teams engage in strengths-based team development, team members learn to value each other's talents and strengths and leverage the team's collective strengths toward their team's tasks, goals, and challenges.  Strengths-based teams are more collaborative, productive, and profitable.


Want to learn more about Strengths-Based Talent Development? 

Consider contacting a Gallup-Certified Strengths Development Coach.

Martha Buelt is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who works with clients in the following metro areas:

      Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

      Quad Cities, Iowa & Illinois 


Martha specializes in facilitating strengths-based talent development for groups, teams, and managers.  She also coaches individuals of all ages, including young adult students in higher education.